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SHRM Human Capital Management Qualified Advisor

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Program Overview

Gain a deeper understanding of the HR professional's role, responsibilities, competency proficiencies , and most pressing priorities and pain points in order to build rapport and ultimately close the deal by selling your HR products and services. With the diverse needs and roles of an HR professional, this program will benefit all those who need to work with and understand them better.
Earn your SHRM Human Capital Management Qualified Advisor (HCMQA) by completing three components: a live instructor-led program, six HR thought leader videos with talking point job aids, and four 2-D animated video scenarios depicting successful interactions between the salesperson and HR professional. A 24-question assessment follows the scenarios, and the assessment must be completed and passed to earn the HCMQA.

How to Become a HCMQA:
When you purchase the HCMQA curriculum, the learning package includes the following components:

  1. Close the Deal: Understanding the HR Professional – The program provides an understanding of the HR professional’s role, responsibilities, competency proficiencies, and their most pressing priorities and pain points. Once the salesperson better understands the HR professional, a professional relationship ensues, which goes a long way in the salesperson’s ability to close the HR service’s contract.
    Seasoned HR professionals with years of experience in course facilitation and selling their own consulting services to HR professionals have been selected to instruct this program.
  2. Six SHRM Thought Leader Videos – as your schedule allows, view the six SHRM thought leader videos and associated talking points job aids. The topics are:
  • Employment Law
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Access
  • Talent Development
  • Total Rewards
  • Performance Management
  1. Four SHRM Video Scenarios and Assessment – after completing the instructor-led program and all six thought leader videos, watch the four video scenarios and complete the assessment. The assessment contains 24 multiple choice questions.
    1. Employment Law and Compliance
    2. Strategy
    3. Talent Acquisition
    4. Total Rewards

Upon completion of all the components and passing the assessment, you will earn 24 PDCs total along with your certificate of achievement and digital badge. Be sure to add your SHRM HCMQA digital badge to your resume, signature block, and social media profiles to validate your credibility and demonstrate your dedication to the industry.

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NameSHRM Human Capital Management Qualified Advisor