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Developing Management Proficiency: A Self-Directed Learning Approach

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Developing Management Proficiency: A Self-Directed Learning Approach is a pragmatic, easy-to-follow roadmap for managers to help develop the behaviors and skills necessary for success.

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Strong behavioral competencies are essential for any manager today. Emphasizing a self-directed learning approach, this book is designed to transform passive learners into active learners by helping to develop behavioral skills, based on individual needs.

By providing the reader with the tools for self-directed learning, Deb Cohen provides an unending mechanism to learn, improve, and grow, helping develop the proficiencies needed to be successful in doing their job or advancing in their career. With features such as practical examples, worksheets, tables, and figures, the book is packed full of self-directed learning activities including role play, observation, networking, journaling, and questioning, all powerful drivers of learning and development.

With expert guidance on how to approach personal development in day-to-day activities rather than in a formal course setting, this book is an essential resource for managers at all levels, as well as anyone training or interested in a managerial role.

Praise for Developing Management Proficiency

"Debra Cohen provides a powerful, practical framework that can help any manager to reach their true potential!" – Marc Effron, President, The Talent Strategy Group, USA

"This self-help book proves there is always something new to learn. It clearly explains concepts, gives practical examples, and challenges you to organize and record your approach to your own learning. Whatever stage you are at in your management career it inspires you try something new and do what you do better. A book worth keeping to hand when you need to energise your next steps and those of others around you." – Caroline Brent, Senior Vice President, Future Talent Council, Stockholm, Sweden

"Developing Management Proficiency is a book that will challenge managers to take charge of developing their everyday management skills using self-directed learning tools. Dr. Cohen provides practical tools and examples that are on point for all managers – including those who don’t yet manage people." – Gary Latham, Secretary of State Professor of Organizational Effectiveness, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

About the Author

Deb Cohen, Ph.D., is a management and HR expert. She is a writer, speaker, trainer, and consultant. Deb has 30 years’ experience as an association executive and business school professor.

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NameDeveloping Management Proficiency: A Self-Directed Learning Approach
AuthorDeb Cohen
Published Year2020
Page Count162
Book PublisherRoutledge