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Direct Elicitation- Individual

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After taking Detection of Deception and Critical Interviewing courses, you are now armed with a highly effective model to detect deception and the means to formulate and pose effective questions. If you have determined the person you are talking to is concealing information, the Direct Elicitation course will teach you techniques to obtain the information you need to make critical decisions. Of the three components in the information collection process, this is perhaps the most challenging.

This module includes five different demos that demonstrate the Direct Elicitation techniques in action. QVerity's direct elicitation methodology provides the interviewer with the highly effective, non-coercive means to persuade the interviewee to abandon that choice in favor of sharing the truthful information being sought.

Topics include:

  • Psychology of short-term thinking
  • How do you get the truth in a legal and ethical manner? The Direct Elicitation Model.
  • Transition from Interview to Direct Elicitation and handling resistance
  • Common mistakes during a difficult interaction when someone is withholding information
  • How to reward cooperation


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NameDirect Elicitation- Individual