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Electronic Labor Law Poster Service

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NOTE: After purchasing, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days containing your link to access your electronic labor law posters.
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SHRM is pleased to provide you the opportunity to ensure compliance with J.J. Keller’s State and Federal Labor Law Electronic Posters through the SHRMStore.

For more information, call 844-840-3449 or e-mail shrmstore@jjkeller.com

Now available to read: DOL Issues New Guidance on Posting Notices for Remote, Hybrid Workplaces.

Easily communicate employment rights to your offsite workers.

  • Quickly download PDFs of state and federal notices
  • Save time and reach all your employees by posting notices on your company intranet or sending notices via email
  • Electronic notices are updated automatically any time there's a mandatory change
  • Service helps you communicate employment rights to an increasingly diverse workforce
  • Includes English and Spanish versions
  • Includes access to federal, state and local postings for general industry, as well as industry-specific specialty postings.
  • Includes access to federal, and state postings, as federal contractor posting.

Note: These electronic postings do not satisfy paper posting requirements; you must still post hard copies of labor law notices applicable to your business in locations where all employees easily see them.

Are you looking for printed labor law posters? Learn more about State and Federal Labor Law Posters with J.J. Keller’s Annual Update Service.

Simplify labor law compliance and make workplace policies visible for your on-site employees with J. J. Keller state and federal labor law posters. Link: https://store.shrm.org/resources/compliance-and-legal/employment-law

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NameElectronic Labor Law Poster Service
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