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Get Pay Right: How to Achieve Pay Equity That Works

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Pay Equity is no longer just a social justice issue. It’s a business imperative. Between regulatory technology, data explosions (and employee access to it), and dramatic workforce shifts such as permanent labor shortages, Getting Pay Right is a survival strategy with powerful competitive upsides.

  • Pay Equity is the law and a key compliance issue. It used to be so complicated that no one paid much attention. But now, the technology required to get it right is available to both regulators and business owners.
  • Pay Equity is a business necessity. Rapidly shifting workforce demographics make old-school favoritism a drag on an organization’s ability to compete.
  • Getting Pay Right unlocks productivity by embedding fairness into the workplace.

Pay transparency doesn’t mean that everyone knows what everyone else earns (inside the organization). Rather, it means that workers are entitled to understand how and why their pay is calculated and that the same standards are applied equally.

The authors’ view of pay equity is that it should be internally equitable, externally competitive, and transparently communicated. Employees should be able to understand the reasons for pay differences, not necessarily the amounts.

In the end, this is a kindhearted and wise book about twenty-first century leadership rooted in a deep respect for the workforce communicated through pay practices.

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NameGet Pay Right: How to Achieve Pay Equity That Works
AuthorKent Plunkett | Heather Bussing
Published Year2024
Page Count186
Book PublisherSHRM