Greatness Beyond The Badge: The Three Key Principles for Self-Awareness

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Are you a law enforcement officer or someone who works in a high-stress environment? Do you have the feeling that you are expected to protect and serve others, place the badge before the individual, but lose yourself in the process?

It’s vital to recognize who you are by taking a look into the mirror and build the foundation to start working on your self-awareness growth journey. Why? Because this increases your unique selling position, reduces dissonance, maintains relevancy, and prepares for your next life cycle and continuous growth.

In this book, author Michael Laidler will guide you step-by-step through strategies that can be utilized every day.

Inside, you’ll learn: 

  • How to recognize who you are
  • Understand why you should develop yourself
  • Strategies on how to do this
  • And more…

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NameGreatness Beyond The Badge: The Three Key Principles for Self-Awareness
AuthorMichael Laidlaw
Published Year2022
Page Count160
Book PublisherMichael Laidler