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Electrical Safety: Training for Unqualified Employees

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Familiarizes employees with the basics of electrical safety, including how to recognize and avoid electrical hazards.

Electrical Safety: Training for Unqualified Employees Specific Topics Include:

Electricity Basics

  • How Electricity Works
  • Electrical Hazards (shock, burns, falls, fires, explosions, arc flash & arc blast)
  • Common Causes of Electrical Incidents

Electrical Safety

  • Employee Categories (qualified, unqualified)
  • Electrical Safeguards (insulation, electrical protective devices, guarding, grounding, lockout/tagout, personal protective equipment)
  • Power Tool & Extension Cord Safety
  • Emergency Procedures

Program includes:

  • 25-Minute video
  • Trainer guide
  • Trainer tools
  • 11 Employee handbooks (10 English, 1 Spanish)
  • 2 Awareness posters (1 English, 1 Spanish)
  • English & Spanish available In one program
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired

After completing this electrical safety training program, learners will be able to:

  • Describe how electricity works
  • Explain various electrical hazards and how they could become injured by electricity
  • Distinguish between a Qualified and an Unqualified employee
  • Identify common ways to prevent accidents and protect themselves from electrical hazards
  • Recognize what to do in the event of an electrical emergency

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NameElectrical Safety: Training for Unqualified Employees
Book PublisherJ.J. Keller