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Insperity® OrgPlus® RealTime Professional is a web-based organizational management software solution that empowers businesses to strategically plan, refine, and analyze their entire workforce to make more informed decisions and better adapt to organizational change. OrgPlus RealTime gives executives, HR professionals and managers a collaborative organizational planning experience that provides critical insight into company data and employee analytics, enabling smarter decisions about how to align and optimize their workforce.

 OrgPlus RealTime Professional offers you the ability to:  

  • - Create professional, boardroom-quality charts
  • - Visualize every level of your workforce to quickly track and measure key employee and business metrics such as performance rating, compensation, budget and headcount
  • - Gain insight into how workforce changes can affect your organization
  • - Model scenarios for organizational change under a merger or acquisition
  • - Track organizational changes with a full audit trail report
  • - Assign Role-based security for specific business and user requirements
  • - Web-based infrastructure

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