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Carefully crafted job descriptions are effective for hiring, new employee orientations, evaluating performances, disciplining and planning for future growth.

Poorly written (or not written at all) job descriptions can create all sorts of problems for companies, from low employee morale to legal troubles.

The SHRM Job Description Manager (JDM) lets you create, maintain and organize your job descriptions online without any software downloads. It's fast. It's easy. It also provides you with a library of customizable job descriptions* and team approval functionality to make your work easier.

JDM helps you:

  • Quickly and easily create your job descriptions library, accessible 24/7 from any computer, anywhere.
  • Add, edit, delete or reorganize your job descriptions online without any software downloads.
  • Easily share job descriptions and get reviewers and approvers' feedback online.
  • Download and print or even e-mail your job descriptions"the choice is completely yours!


View a detailed Walkthrough of the Job Description Manager and check out the User Guide.

*Please note: O*NET job descriptions are provided in the Job Description Manager as a common starting point for job description creation. They are not offered as advice.

What Do You Get

Purchase of the SHRM Job Description Manager includes a one-year subscription. During this one-year period, you can go in and update your job descriptions as necessary and as many times as you need to do so. You will receive a renewal notice when your subscription period is set to expire.


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Return Policy

Please note that purchase of the SHRM Job Description Manager falls under SHRM’s return policy for purchases of Software as a Service (SaaS) products:

Sales of any Software as a Service Products (“SaaS”) (i.e. those software products accessed online or through a portal) may be eligible for a 100% refund.  You must not have logged into the product, and you must contact Customer Service for a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase of the SaaS product.


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