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SHRM Survey Elite Powered by Metolius

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We all have a love-hate relationship with surveys. We need audience feedback and insights, but it is a lot of work for often little or no benefit. 

Traditional survey tools help you gather information, but they do little to help you analyze and report the survey findings. Searching for answers in raw survey data can take hours or days. 

SHRM Survey Elite solves a problem that faces every HR professional—the need to collect and analyze data quickly.

Purchase allows 12 month access to the SHRM Survey Elite Platform.
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SHRM Survey Elite Powered by Metolius

One low-cost, intuitive platform provides everything you need to create, communicate, distribute, organize, and report. Plus, exclusively for SHRM Survey Elite customers: 
•    SHRM-created surveys are pre-built in the system and ready to use. 
•    An exclusive community allows users to share surveys they’ve built with others and vice versa. 

Our integrated suite of tools totally bypasses the need for data analytic support. Survey insights are instantly available, and you can also supply tailored feedback to your participants at once after they complete the survey. 

With SHRM Survey Elite, all the charts, graphs, and important insights are instantly available. Yes, we said INSTANTLY. The moment the survey is complete so are the actionable results. You can quickly filter the data and do a variety of comparisons. With each filter or comparison, not only is the graph automatically created but so is the crosstable and a presentation-ready report template. 

Every graphic generated in the system can be converted to a report within the system, or easily downloaded for use in presentations and reports. SHRM Survey Elite is designed to clean the data seamlessly, apply proper analysis and generate compelling visuals to show issues, spot trends, and make better decisions quickly.  

You don’t need to be a data analyst to create dynamic, actionable, and validated results. You just need SHRM Survey Elite.

SHRM Survey Elite powered by Metolius® is delivered as Software-as-a-Service based on these terms and conditions.


For more information check out the SHRM Survey Elite FAQ.





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