Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt

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It's time to kick butt...and take responsibility for changing your own world for the better! Each chapter features four easy-to-read segments designed to help you do just that. Quotes - Sayings that inspire and tell it like it is Try its - Incremental, step-by-step techniques that take you a little further to being the person you were meant to be. They worked for me, and they'll work for you! Kick Butt Actions - State-changing, world-changing strategies that immediately people you to a new level. They take courage. Pegine learned a long time ago that courage = fear plus action. So ... feel the fear and kick your own butt anyway! Stories - Accounts that enthuse, motivate and kick your own butt. Read them and take action!

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NameSometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt
AuthorPegine Echevarria
Published Year2006
Book PublisherTeam Pegine, Inc.