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The Price of Pettiness: Bad Behavior in the Workplace and How to Stomp It Out

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Beyond the usual everyday annoyances and exasperations we all experience in the workplace, pettiness limits careers and opportunities on a broad scale and sometimes crosses the line into undeniably criminal behavior.

Based on research recently conducted by SHRM, this groundbreaking book examines the seemingly limitless depths of workplace pettiness -- as well as the remarkable heights of creativity it seems to inspire in people -- and delivers proven tools for anyone to spot pettiness and deal with it directly.

In addition to revealing the root cause of pettiness and what can be done to eliminate it, Dr. Alonso also offers insights into the personal and organizational costs associated with petty behavior and shows how HR can be its most fierce adversary.

But perhaps best of all, he shares some of the most incredible true stories about petty behavior in the workplace you'll ever read!

About the Author

Alexander Alonso, PhD, SHRM-SCP is the Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM's) Chief Knowledge Officer and leads operations for SHRM Certification, SHRM Research, the SHRM Competency Model, and the SHRM Knowledge Advisor service.

Advance Praise for The Price of Pettiness

"The Price of Pettiness is the perfect antidote to the unprecedented level of pettiness that has taken hold in our society. Dr. Alonso breaks down the art and science of addressing the everyday petty behavior that plagues both our personal and professional lives." --Michael "Dr. Woody" Woodward, PhD, organizational psychologist, and author of The YOU Plan

"This book shines a powerful and compelling light on a topic so often overlooked, but so important to our human experience -- pettiness. This book makes you both smile and cringe as you read the real-life stories, but most importantly, Dr. Alonso compels readers to keep looking for opportunities to eradicate pettiness in all its forms." --Steven G. Rogelberg, PhD, Chancellor's Professor of Management at UNC Charlotte, and New York Times bestselling author of The Surprising Science of Meetings

"An engaging and relatable discussion of ego-based behaviors in the workplace, this book provides useful tools for navigating your way through the minefield, so you too can move beyond ego and ditch the drama at work." --Cy Wakeman,New York Times bestselling author of No Ego: Cutting the Cost of Workplace Drama, Ending Entitlement, and host of the "No Ego" podcast.

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NameThe Price of Pettiness: Bad Behavior in the Workplace and How to Stomp It Out
AuthorAlexander Alonso
Published Year2019
Page Count176