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Workplace Violence Prevention - Individual

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All organizations have a responsibility to prevent bullying, threats, physical assaults and other forms of violence from occurring to maintain a safe and respectful work environment. Training helps employees and managers recognize and report different types of workplace violence and safely respond if situations escalate.

Traliant, the industry leader in compliance training, is proud to present Workplace Violence Prevention training for California. The 30-minute course aligns with the state’s training requirements outlined under the California Labor Code Section 6401.9. Through a series of interactive scenarios, employees learn about the following topics:

Recognizing Workplace Violence

  • Domestic violence and how it affects the workplace
  • Knowing when an employee is more likely to become a victim of violence at work
  • Recognizing when a coworker has made a threat
  • Risk factors and warning signs that a coworker may become violent at work

The Workplace Violence Plan

  • Procedures for Reporting Workplace Violence Concerns
  • Employer-Specific Workplace Violence Hazards and Corrective Measures
  • What to do in a Workplace Violence Emergency

Responding to Potential or Actual Workplace Violence

  • How Employees Can Protect Themselves and Others if Workplace Violence Happens
  • Using De-Escalation Techniques to Defuse Potentially Violent Situations
  • The Workplace Violence Incident Log

To fully comply with the workplace violence prevention training requirements under California Labor Code Section 6401.9, the self-paced training in this course must be supplemented with employer-led training that covers material specific to the employer’s workplace.

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NameWorkplace Violence Prevention - Individual