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SHRM Compensation Data Center Resources

New SHRM Member Benefit

  • SHRM Members can now get one (1) FREE CompAnalyst Market Data Benchmark Job Report by logging in with their SHRM.org credentials on the SHRM Compensation Data Center, powered by Salary.com 
  • Already used your free report or need more than one? SHRM Members save 10% on additional single job reports, so each report is just $220 and includes the option to add additional scopes for $49 each. (Non-members can purchase individual reports for $245 each). 
  • All individual Compensation Data Center report purchases are now completed via the SHRM Compensation Data Center on Salary.com's website to provide you with greater flexibility and customization options. 

Get real-time compensation data reports with CompAnalyst from Salary.com.


Recruiting and retaining top talent in today's market starts with quick and easy access to the right compensation data.

SHRM is proud to partner with Salary.com to provide individual compensation data reports through CompAnalyst, a compensation data platform that lets you market price thousands of jobs across a wide range of industries, geographic locations, and company size.

Get employer-reported data you can trust.

Stay competitive by leveraging one of the most trusted sources of HR-reported compensation data in the market, featuring proprietary machine learning-powered insights and prices for every job in every compensation market – even those not found in traditional surveys.

Make sure your pricing stays competitive.

Salary.com's HR-reported compensation data is continuously updated to ensure you're always pricing against the most accurate data in every market. No more waiting for data to be updated annually!

Feature highlights include:

- A list of over 15,000 job titles across 225 Industries.
- Search functionality that allows you to scope jobs by industry, geographic location and company size (FTEs and revenue).

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