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Leveraging Diverse Styles- Individual

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The Leveraging Diverse Styles? : Skills for Effective Global Collaboration Learning Path is ideal for anyone working globally who wants to discover how to improve global collaboration. Understand the "why" behind your global colleagues' behavior, the impact culture has on the workplace, and learn strategies for improved global collaboration. Explore the essential issues of relationships, communication, initiative, and time management, where cultural differences can make for very different work styles. For each issue, hear typical challenges, insights, and learn best practices to work more effectively.

With the Leveraging Diverse Styles Learning Path, you will have access to:

  • Modules on relationships, communication, initiative, and time management
  • Typical workplace challenges, insights, and best practices for effective collaboration
  • Media-rich learning for an engaging learning experience
  • A final quiz to ensure comprehension

This Learning Path will help you:

  • Raise awareness of cultural diversity and different ways of thinking or approaching tasks in different countries
  • Learn the "why" behind very common behavioral differences in various cultures
  • Promote collaboration across locations and cultures
  • Learn essential skills for working in a new culture; save valuable time on an international assignment

Run time: 90 minutes


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NameLeveraging Diverse Styles- Individual